Everything to Know About the Google Core Update August 2023

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Google also likes to prioritize people-first content. It wants you to create content to help readers instead of doing it solely for the algorithm. To do this, you need to determine your site’s primary purpose and a target audience to cater to. Identify their goals and needs and address them through your content. Visitors should leave your site feeling satisfied that they’ve found the answers to their questions and had a great experience.

Aside from this core update, Google has made another change. It will show fewer FAQs and HowTo rich results to provide users with a more consistent experience. Only FAQs from authoritative health and government sites will appear in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). As of September 13, HowTo results have also been removed from desktop searches, so that markup is now officially deprecated. If you already have HowTo markup on your site, you can safely remove it. If you decide to keep it on the site, due to development priorities, we believe that Google will simply ignore it.

Google themselves are not immune to these updates, when checking their rankings in Semrush it shows that from August to September, they lost over 118M keywords:

The August 2023 Broad Core Update is still fresh, and we don’t know the full level of its impact yet. While we learn more about the changes in Google’s algorithm, brands and businesses must be patient and avoid making hasty conclusions. As always, the focus should be on improving the quality of your site and content.