SEOCausal: showcasing the impact of digital PR for a leading accounting company

Knowing our target was to build links in the business and accounting sector which is known for being highly competitive, the strategy behind it explored the angle of burnout and the impact of overworking on mental health for business owners and entrepreneurs across the country. At a time when searches for “work burnout” were among the highest they’ve been, this topic was highly relevant and an area we could get experts to lend their insights on. 

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We achieved great success by securing over 24 high-quality, relevant backlinks and pieces of coverage, with 12 links directly to our campaign page. These placements were all from relevant business and startup websites frequented by the target audience. Ongoing monitoring through interactive dashboards and regular reporting calls ensured we stayed on top of updates and identified growth opportunities in sync with the latest trends.

What are we testing?

We examined the impact of all 20+ links on our campaign page and their subsequent influence on internally linked target pages. We then analysed the results by comparing them against a control set of pages from our dataset which serves as a guide for the model to simulate what would have happened if no links were built at all.

The Results

Our client, a relatively new player in the accounting space, was keen to use a digital PR and link building campaign to drive positive business impact and reach target audiences in the field of accounting. In this instance, there was very little other activity going on in terms of content creation or SEO fixes on the client’s website, so we were particularly interested to see the results from link building in isolation and what impact it had on performance. 

The solution

It shows again that by building relevant and high quality links, performance can be improved for target pages to allow them to reach their desired target audience. 

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The campaign

Thanks to SEOCausal, we conclusively demonstrated that our link building efforts positively impacted the target pages, elevating their search visibility and average position. 

We commissioned a survey of businesses, supported by desk research and expert insights from our client. With this unique, ownable data in hand, our copy and creative teams brought the research to life in captivating and headline-worthy content. The campaign URL linked directly to target pages, offering customers the chance to purchase relevant products while channeling the necessary link equity to where it was needed most.

As before, with SEOCausal as our weapon, we set out to test the hypothesis that building robust external links to high-quality content would elevate our client’s organic performance. The results unequivocally confirmed the validity of our hypothesis.

How did we test this?

SEOCausal ran tests on two metrics – impressions and position – to quantify the uplift caused by building links to the targeted pages. The outcomes were really positive:

  • Impressions: Increased by 16%
  • Position: Improved by 7%

What we learned